Bravecto Receptionist Rewards Terms & Conditions

  • BRAVECTO® RECEPTIONIST REWARDS Promotion ends on the 30th of November of each year. Points not redeemed within the respective year can’t be carried over to the following year. Each new year the reward program will start on a zero value.
  • Receive R150 Cash Card for every 150 Bravecto® units sold OR 1 free unit of any Bravecto® presentation will be given for every 200 Bravecto® units sold OR 1 Bravecto® branded golf shirt for every 250 Bravecto® units sold
  • Log sheet must be completed on our digital redemption form when either target (150 units, 200 units or 250 units) amount has been reached, Cash Card, free stock or golf shirt will be delivered when your representative next visits your practice
  • Invoices/summary sheet from practice management system must be uploaded to this digital form at the specific field as confirmation of units sold
  • The practice will be responsible for deciding which receptionist will receive the selected reward
  • This initiative is aimed at rewarding the FRONT STAFF for their efforts in educating the pet owner about Bravecto®
  • Golf shirts will be ordered as per the sizes indicates and exchanges may not always be possible if the incorrect size is ordered
  • Allocated cash cards are only valid for a period of 36 months. Cash Cards can be used anywhere in South Africa where MasterCard is accepted i.e where point of sale device is available, the recipient of this card can shop where their heart desires with the added security of a PIN number.
  • Balance enquiries of the Cash Cards can be made by: Visiting and selecting “Card balance” OR Sending an SMS with your 16 digit card number to 34417* OR By calling 083 918 7700 OR 086 11 222 67 (Between 08h00-17h00) USSD* 1208013# OR Visiting or download the whatsonmycard app. *VAS rates apply
  • Cash Card PIN reset steps: SMS 34246* from the cellphone number linked to your card, with your ID number then a space and last 4 digits of your 16-digit card number. Example: 9000000000000 1234. You will receive an SMS response instructing you to send another SMS to 34246* with the unique code provided then a space and your NEW unique 5-digit PIN. Submit the NEW SMS with unique code and unique PIN of your choice. You will receive a confirmation SMS of your PIN reset success

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BRAVECTO® Reg. No. G4083 (Act 36/1947) Contains mimimum 25 mg Fluralaner per kg body weight

BRAVECTO® SPOT-ON Reg. No. G4292 (Act 36/1947) Each 1 ml of Bravecto® Spot-On contains 280 mg fluralaner

BRAVECTO® PLUS Reg. No. G4408 (Act 36/1947) Each 1 ml contains 280 mg fluralaner and 14 mg moxidectin